There is a crucial juncture in which ideas turn into action, action turns into trends and trends turn into movements. Businesses, whether small, medium or large can also experience such phases. Malcolm Gladwell terms this transitional phenomenon in the best-selling book, The Tipping Point.

Good to know. So how does this help me to build my business?

 Malcolm also identified 3 key people or roles that can influence whether something ‘tips’ or not.

  1. Connectors are individuals who have ties in many different realms and act as conduits between them, helping to stimulate connections and relationships that otherwise might not have ever occurred. Your network is your net worth. Make change happen through people.
  2.  Mavens are people who have a strong compulsion to help other consumers by helping them make informed decisions. Be the one whose knowledge is invaluable. Make change happen through information and ideas.
  3.  Salesmen are people whose unusual charisma allows them to be extremely persuasive in inducing others’ buying decisions and behaviors. Sell, sell, sell…but add sugar by ensuring added value. Make change happen through persuasion.

To ensure the success of your product or service, identify these key types of people to connect with.

 Additional things to remember:

Make sure your message is sticky. Ensure your message and conveys uniqueness and quality that compels the phenomenon to “stick” in the minds your potential clients.

Ensure that you offer the right products at the right time. If the environment in which a product/ service is not right, it is not as likely that the tipping point will be attained.

Get your product/ business to as many people as possible. In order for your business to ‘tip’ into massive popularity, large numbers of people need to embrace it. Successfully penetrating your target audience could be uniquely conducive to achieving the tipping point.